The truth is I'm here for you. It took a while to figure it out but when I really get down to it everything I do is for the greater good of others, you know like Batman or Spider-man or Wonder Woman... yeah Wonder Woman she's pretty cool and so are YOU! I've spent the last 7 or so years trying to figure out what I'm up to in this world. You may be thinking 'Who is this girl? & what is she on about?'. Well I am Johnelle Hosking, just a normal girl who likes to dance to random music and chooses to jump in the air whenever there's a camera pointed in her direction because Why the hell not?!

I have come to realise there are a lot of humans who have absolutely no idea what they're expected to do on earth for their life span & that's completely fine if you're wanting to coast through and have an 'okay' life, BUT if you want to live a limitless life full of possibilities & fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams then you & I are going to make a great team!


Where do I come in?

Well I help you get your A into G & master your life's purpose through a number of options that you can see throughout this site. I invite, NO I dare you to push yourself further. Get out of that comfort zone and do something scary! You won't regret it. I promise! 


- I spend 40 hours a week in front of a microphone for More FM Manawatu

- I am the Regional Coordinator for The Young Enterrise Scheme Manawatu

- Dance Enthusiast (can not dance)

- Love to sing (can not sing) 

- I gave away almost all of my 'things' in 2017

- Trained Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition 

- Creator of Own Your Truth Youth Programme

- Mentor for Big Brothers & Big Sisters Manawatu 2016/2017

- Up & Coming Award for Youth Development Contribution 2017

- Inspiring Stories 'Future Leader' participant 2017 

- Mentor & Judge for Young Enterprise Scheme 2016/2017


Speaking Engagements

New Year New You Women's event, Feilding Library - 22nd Feb 2018