I had a client say this to me the other day 'Maybe you can help me to be more fun, I'm too serious all the time'. 

I couldn't help but laugh because about one year ago I felt exactly the same! 

I felt like there was a big weight on my shoulders that was stopping me from seeing the good & fun things in life like I had before. 

Upon reflection I realised that I was taking life too seriously because I had gotten so caught up in self development that I had forgotten to just live in the moment & enjoy. 

That's when I set myself a mission to find fun & laughter again. 

First off I watched comedy - All the time. 

Cooking dinner? Watching comedy. 
Getting ready for work? Watching comedy.
Having a shower? Listening to comedy.
In the car? Listening to comedy. 

It's easy to be doing two things at once & not fully focusing on the thing you're watching or listening to but I tried really hard to take in all of the jokes the people were saying & really feel how they made me feel. 

I found this a great help but it wasn't enough. 

I wanted to BE fun. To BE funny - When I was younger I was known as the silly fun one who was always making jokes & making people laugh. 

What happened to that girl?

I wanted her back.

I did what anyone who wants to be funny should do - I signed up to a comedy show, in ONE WEEK!!

This scared the sh*t out of me big time!

One week later I was standing in front of an audience of 50 people performing for 5 minutes a set I had made up from a personal experience of a night in town.

I did it. I felt I had my relaxed, happy & funny self back. 


Do you feel like you're too serious?

Do you want to feel like your fun young self again?

I challenge you to remember the things that made you laugh when you were younger or find some new things that make you laugh & do them as much as possible.

When you start to feel that feeling of being fun again hold onto it & nurture it. 

We don't have to be silly, immature or annoying with it just remember to allow yourself time out from your growth phase, your career goals, your relationship development to live a little, be present & laugh! 

You deserve it & laughter really is the best medicine. 

I hope you enjoyed this & are now excited to bring more fun & joy into your life!

What do you do to be fun ? I would love to know in the comments below.