Decision fatigue.

Something I have been conscious of lately, well trying to be. 

I work with 16 - 18 year old's everyday and something I notice, is their constant procrastination over decision fatigue. 

For me, this looks like an unnecessary paralysis over making decisions. Think about it, we're surrounded by endless possibilities. Option after option, it's no wonder why nothing gets done! 

An example of this is some of the girls I work with have a start up where they make soap, except they had so many options for the soap at just three weeks out from their first selling event they hadn't actually made any soap let alone trialed it in a shower. 


They weren't just struggling with combinations for smells it was figuring out where to buy their ingredients, how much to buy, how big to make their bars, how much to sell them for etc. I could see the stress in their brains just looking at them. 

After some much needed tough love from me, two weeks later the girls had ordered, received tested and decided on their chosen product to sell.
To make things even better, they were all smiling! Hows that for relief.. 

In my attempt to avoid decision fatigue I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. My breakfast gets delivered to my door monthly and is exactly the same for 5 days of the week. For me, this is a GODSEND! I absolutely love being able to wake up and kick start my day without the stress of 'what will I eat this morning'. 

Another thing I am working on, is minimizing my time looking at a menu. I go out for dinner, look at the menu, the first thing that catches my eye I order. This saves me 10 minutes of 'uhm and uh' only to stick with my original decision in my head before I entered the restaurant. Lets be honest, we all do it... 

If you suffer from decision fatigue, talk a step back and ask yourself, how can you minimise those day to day distractions of having too may options. 

You'll feel happy knowing you can spend your time on more important things that actually matter to you.