Do you have a book that's been sitting beside your bed for what feels like forever? 
Do you tell yourself ' I must keep reading' or 'I wish I never started that book'.
I've found myself doing just that lately. 


I have come to love reading & the lessons I learn from a good book. 

My favourites are on personal development then business & every now & then I'll read a fiction love story <3 

This year I wanted to read more books. 

I started out with a hiss & a roar reading a great book by Melissa Ambrossini called 'Open Wide'. It was AMAZING! 

Then I found Kikki K and went nuts over their stunning stationary ( I'm a stationary lover). That's when I found what would be my next book... 


It sounded PERFECT, like the exact thing I was after & something I would love reading. 

I bought it, took it home & couldn't wait until I would open it & begin reading. 

A couple weeks past, I had finished 'Open Wide' & was ready to start 'Make your Mark', or so I thought. 

I began reading

and reading

and then I stopped. 

What had just happened?!

I had began reading this book with such high hopes and then NOTHING. I had absolutely no attachment to this book, to keep going or anything. I actually felt really guilty for it too... 

You see, I have this belief that I must finish every book I start before I start another. So when I come across a book I am not fully in love with it can be crippling. 

As of today I hadn't read since the start of March! ( It's now mid April).

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I've been watching a lot of Jay Shetty's YouTube videos & came across this video about reading. 

Although this book talks about the ways you can read a book in a day. While watching this video I realised something even more important for me. 

If I do not like the book, why am I reading it? More so, why am I not reading AT ALL because I do not want to read THIS BOOK?! 

I try to read every day yet I had stalled my progress over something I didn't like. 

Instead of changing it; Putting down the book & starting a new one. I had let this 'belief' stop me. 

I would going to a cafe if I didn't like a service or coffee, I would stop shopping somewhere if I didn't like the quality of their clothes, I would stop hanging out with a person if I didn't think they were the right friend for me so why not stop reading a book that I'm not enjoying?!


This may be basic to you but to me it was MIND BLOWN. 

So, what now?!

Well. I have a beautiful pile of books in my bedroom with high hopes of getting through them one day & to do that I must DO THE WORK - By reading the books I want to, when I want to, as long as I want to.

I was looking at my books last night & thought maybe diving from one personal development book to another was a bit much for me so I decided to take a break and try something new. 

I've had this book since mid 2017 & thought it would be a nice change from my usual genre of books. Plus I LOVE Lily Colins as an actress. Turns out at 40 pages deep, I love her book too. 

The next time you don't like something, CHANGE IT. Do not stop yourself for 6 weeks because that my friend is valuable time wasted. 

What book are you reading or attempting to read at the moment? I'd love to know! Leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook