In the morning, as a way to get amped for the day, I like to listen to inspirational videos on youtube. 

I stumbled across a video this morning by Jay Shetty, called Find Your Path. 

Jay Shetty has come across 'my path' a lot over the past few weeks. His Facebook videos are my favourite. 

I've known for a long time that worrying what other people think is never a good use of time or energy, so I try my hardest to not let what others think of me define who I am or what I do. While I think I have a hold on people pleasing & other peoples opinions, not everybody does! 

Jay talks about his experience when he realised what was happening in his life & how he was letting his parents expectations & opinions shape who he was becoming. 

If this is something that resonates with you please take the time & watch this video. You never know what it may change for you! 

Okay, now you've watched the video. What did you think? 

Did you have any 'Uh Hah' moments? I know I did! 

Let me know your thoughts below <3