Last week was Money week in NZ & it was awesome - Well I thought it was anyway. I absolutely love the possibilities that Money can bring into our lives. No, Money itself doesn't bring happiness, I mean I could have a million dollars in the bank and still hate my life BUT if I had a million dollars in my bank imagine the amount of good I could do for this world & for the people that need it most? That is what I love about Money & it is my goal to help you see it this way too. 

Last week I shared my tips on Money Beliefs where we went over 3 steps to get clear on your Mindset about Money & how to improve it. This week we go through a Money Lifestyle Worksheet where you figure out EXACTLY How much money you really need in order to live the life you want to live. This is such a fun exercise to do that is great for stopping overwhelm or stress when it comes to money as it lets you get a full view of where your money is going. 



The truth is you may not NEED to work your ass off until you're 65 if the lifestyle you want to life doesn't require it, you feel?! How cool would it be to only work 10 hours a week? Don't listen to what anyone else says you CAN & you WILL - We just need to find you a way! ( Next weeks video will help with this )

Do you ever notice how easy it is to use a whole weeks pay in a day and you have no idea where it went? Well this worksheet is designed to help you see it all right in front of your eyes. 

Download it & then we'll get started.. 

Okay, now that's out of the way lets get to Bidness! ( Yes I ment to say Bidness because that's what we're here to do my friend).  Click play on the video and get ready to sort your Money Lifestyle the heck out!

Now that's done & dusted you should have more of a handle on WHERE your Money is going & How much you need to be making to allow for everything you've got going on!

Next week we help you design EXACTLY how to get that $$.

Let do this.