Yup. You read that right!  I cried like a bloody baby in public. I then cried even more in private. 


> This is me at training, after crying. 

I knew before I went to boxing training that I would most likely be jumping in the ring for a sparing session but I didn't prepare for what came next. 

Over the past 5 weeks I have been training for a Charity Fight Night in Palmerston North. At this point we have 3-4 group training's and 2-3 self directed workouts per week. 

Going into group training last night I felt off my game. Sore calves that had been burning for days left me feeling pretty average with attempts to skip for warm up. 

With the warm up done & dusted ( thank god ) the girls were called into the ring for a sparing session. I could feel within me that I wasn't ready.. I was talking myself out of it before it had even happened. It made me think of this quote that's plastered all over the gym.


I took that as an opportunity to sort my shit out & get amped for what was to come but it was too late. I got in the ring & got absolutely smashed ( Real Talk ) so much so that tears flowed down my face. It wasn't even that it hurt or that is was hard. It was the fact I wasn't prepared for being in the ring MENTALLY. It doesn't matter how fit or skilled you are, if you do not have the mental capacity to stand the pressure then you wont & that's exactly what happened to me. 

It was a test & I failed. 

Failure is such a hard thing because no one is taught how to deal with failure. When we fail at something we feel completely useless, judged & ashamed. My instant reaction was to feel embarrassed that I had cried in front of a room of people over getting a few too many punches to the head.  When in reality no one in that room was focused on me. They we're all concentrating on their own experience, their own challenges & their own growth.


Besides when I think about it, I didn't fail.

As long as you learn a lesson from your experience, you didn't fail & that is something I encourage you to get your head around! 

The next time you feel you 'failed' think deep & hard about the lesson you can take away from that experience. Get up off the ground, brush yourself off & remind yourself YOU DID NOT FAIL. You got this!  


Have you had an experience where you felt you let yourself down or that you failed?

What did you do to overcome this? How did you get over it & how long did it take? I would love to know. You can share your experience below or message me privately on my FB page.