As I write this it is the first day of my brand new job ( more about that later ) and I found myself getting nervous. 

Nervous for all the things I do not know yet that I need to know to do my job well. 

Nervous for the change thats has come and what will become of it. 

Nervous for not being good enough. 

That's why this weeks Make My Monday Motivation is a bit different. 

Melissa Ambrosini is one of my life idols. She is such an inspiration with her mission for helping Women feel healthy, wealthy & loved. My life has changed so much since I found her book 'Master your Mean Girl' in 2015. 

Her podcast is pretty kick ass & that's where I found what you're about to listen to. Best part is it's only six minutes but it will have you ready to start your week with a bang!

Stop waiting my friend. The time is now!

Now for the hard part. 

What's one thing you've been waiting to do because you're too scared? Or there's not enough time? You don't deserve it.... 

Whatever that one thing is, do it now! Don't let fear hold you back you can do ANYTHING! 

Don't forget to let me know how you get on with your one thing <3 

Good luck. 



PS: You can find more about Melissa and her podcasts Here:
I definitely recommend you get involved! Her content & her message are beautiful.