24 hours is all we've got in a day.

You may think its not enough but then you remember that even Beyonce only has 24 hours is a day & you think okay, maybe 24 hours IS enough time. 

I love finding ways to improve my time management & pack more punch into my day. My latest way to do that is done in the first 20 minutes of my morning. 

It's so easy to hit snooze on the alarm - Like, really easy BUT there is a time & a place for snooze. I start work at 5am and am completely aware of the importance of sleep so I accommodate for this by sleeping as long as possible before jumping out of bed - I promise you I am not going to tell you to wake up mega early because like me you love your sleep & I respect that. 

So the alarm goes off & you're already in struggle street. Right then & there I want you to count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & you're up! Get your butt out of bed now. Turn on the light If its dark outside or open your curtains and get started with your day. 

From here we're all different but I am going to run you through my Morning Shenanagans that help me to Master My Time. But first, If your Morning Routine needs work I have a FREE Cheat Sheet thats perfectly motivating to help you get your shit together. 

Side Note - I will do a post for my Night Time Routine to put this in context as I do a lot of preparing before my head hits the pillow which makes my mornings much easier. 

My Morning Wake Up is down packed. Straight to the point, fast & precise!


4.20am Alarm goes off / Light goes on + Book in hand.

4.30am Must be reading by this time ( While in bed )

4.45am Final Alarm goes off / Out of bed headphones on & completing a 3-5 minute HIIT Style workout. This is just to get my body moving to start the day right. 

4.50am PJ's off & clothes on then downstairs to tidy my messy hair, put on Make Up if I feel like it, grab food for the day & out the door. 

In the car I will usually listen to a podcast or some motivating music while drinking some water.


There you have it. Simple & Effective!

You can make your morning routine as simple as this yourself but I must warn you I do prepare my food/clothes and anything I need for the following day before I go to bed at night which helps me to be this effective. 

How do you start your morning? Do you have any non negotiable or anything you would like to try adding into your morning? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below or find me on Facebook. 

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