It's November already! If you just had a flash forward to Christmas Day & New Years night like I did it's okay there's no need to freak out, there is still time. 


In this segment I share 5 things to give a go or 'To Do' this month that are going to upgrade your life & happiness. Seeing as the year is winding down I thought it would be a good idea to theme this months 'Get it in ya!' with ways to forward plan and prepare for the future. 

Take a look through the 5 ideas below, choose one and give it a go this week! Even better try one of the ideas every week for the Month of November & see how you go! 

Don't forget to let me know what you think & how you go. I hope you enjoy!

1. Plan for Christmas 2017

Christmas is just over 6 weeks away... Yes, 6 weeks! No doubt you're freaking out about what you're going to do for Christmas or how you're going to afford the gifts for your friends and family. I used to do this too until I decided that every week from January I would put a small amount of money away each week so by Christmas time I was sorted for any unexpected costs that would come up, you know like buying a Festival Ticket for New Years or something? :) 3 years on & this has helped make my Christmas / New Year period such a relaxed time because I am not stressing about how I'll afford all the things going on around that time.

As we're so close to Christmas now this may be a bit hard to do but if you could put aside $20 a week by the time Christmas comes you'll have $100 to ease some stress.

Next I suggest you figure out WHAT & WHO you need to buy for. I break down HOW to do this in my Money Tips blog posts from a month or so ago... Instead of planning for your future income edit it to be Christmas. 

Check them out here:

Once you know exactly who you're buying for and how much its going to cost you can start sorting one thing per week = Less stress the week ( or day before ) Christmas. I tend to keep it simple with small thoughtful gifts or an experience. Experiences are so valuable as they don't clutter your life & you're giving someone a memory for life! 

2. Enjoy some Vitamin D

Living in Palmerston North New Zealand we're barely see the sun for the majority of the year, in fact we saw the least amount of sunlight hours compared to our whole country this year so natural vitamin D is hard to come by and that's an issue. Vitamin D has a huge role to play in our bodies & can effect our overall well being including our moods. A few weeks ago while driving in the rain I found myself for the first time swearing to myself about how bad the weather was while realising how it was affecting my moods and making me sad #realtalk. 

Next time the suns out take it upon yourself to go spend 10-15 minutes just relaxing and enjoying the sun. This is not permission for you to go and sunbathe without lotion for 90 minutes.. Be smart about it!

See how you feel afterwards! I always feel happy when I have been in the sun - It's like I am revitalized by it. 

3. Listen to a Podcast

I absolutely LOVE podcasts & have so many that I listen to on the go.. Podcasts are an amazing way to learn new things and get inspired while doing your day to day activities. When you're travelling from A to B & have some time listen to a podcast! If you're doing exercise listen to a podcast! Getting ready for your day?! Listen to a podcast! They are seriously great. 

I always listen to podcasts for Entrepreneurs, digital content creators, Health & Wellness experts etc. I have learnt so much from them & no doubt you will too. 

I even have my own podcast you can listen to here:

Do you have a favourite podcast? Let me know what you listen to below!

4. Eat a Meal alone

You may be thinking uh what?! But yes. This is a real thing and you should try it... I would go even as far to say go out to a restaurant and eat alone but to begin with take your lunch and eat it alone, outside, by the beach, in a park, under the blue sky or wherever you feel like eating it BUT while eating your lunch alone try not to be on your phone.

Really take note of all the tastes and flavours you're eating, concentrate on your chewing and really appreciating your food. After all without food none of us would be here so its important to take time to really enjoy our food! 

PS: Eat sitting down and really take your time! We're always so 'busy' it can be easy to eat on the go which actually disrupts the digestion process which is not ideal. 

5. Plan for 2018

This excited me SO much. We're almost in a New Year which means new opportunities and new growth. It can be dawning thinking of the new year to come and all the things you want to accomplish but it doesn't need to be. Over the next few weeks I want you to start thinking about all the wonderful things you would like to do,see, be & achieve next year. Write the down somewhere so you remember them! 

In a few weeks I am going to share how I plan for an upcoming year and break it all down for you so you can create the best year of your life yet! Bring on 2018!

There you have it folks! 5 things to try this month & get it in ya!

Don't forget to let me know what you try, how you go & all that goodness. I absolutely love hearing from you!!

If you enjoyed reading this please share it with your friends and family to get them inspired for NOVEMBER 2017. 

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