Welcome! To my first ever podcast on this website! It is so exciting to be sharing one of my passions with you.. Talking! 

It is my absolute pleasure to present the one and only Ben Warren from Be Pure. A fantastic company that began in Hawkes Bay & have since grown their practice to Auckland as well as having Nation wide tours all the time. Ben is an amazing human, who took time out of his busy schedule while in town on tour recently to catch up with me & even invite me to his house as you'll hear... Okay, I invited myself to his house! 


In this episode Ben and I break down the barriers you face being young, out of control of your environment & give you practical tips on improving your life simple step by step. 

You can find more on Ben & what he does by visiting www.bepure.co.nz but make sure you listen to the episode first!


Check the show notes below for any extra goodness you can look forward to!






Beginning: Who is Ben Warren & what does he call an extraordinary life?

5 minutes: Do the things that scare you! Hot coals, surfing & sharks!

8 minutes: What Ben does for fun?

10 minutes: Just because you're young doesn't make you healthy... & what is mind health?!

12 minutes: How to improve your mind health? & how talking helps!

14 minutes: Social media & the effects on our lives!

16 minutes: How can you upgrade your life when you still live at home & don't do groceries? + How to influence your household/ family to make better choices.

19 minutes: How gratefulness can change your life & how simple it is!

22 minutes: Releasing stress & anxiety activity...

25 minutes: How investing in yourself is always a good idea..

+ Don't miss the extra juicy REAL TALK Round! 


WOW, Was that awesome or what?! What did you think of this episode? What was your biggest takeaway? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for listening & I look forward to sharing Episode 2 of the Own Your Life Podcast with you!