It's Valentine's Day or so my friend say's 'Galentine's Day' - A day for the gals!

Being single on Valentine's Day can make you feel pretty crappy. 

Even as a strong independent woman sometimes you can't help but feel like hiding away & eating a block of Chocolate. 

A girlfriend of mine told me last night that Valentine's Day is a day for her to give herself extra love & do all things that make her happy. 

Hearing that made something click inside me. 

Why do we feel so sad being alone on Valentines Day?

The thing is, you are enough. As you are. Right now. Partner or not. You are not alone. 

You do not need to feel like you're letting yourself or society down by not joining in the couples game of wining & dining, showering your partner in gifts for this one day of the year. 

My goal in life is love. To give love & to be love. 

I do not need to 'be loved' to make that happen so why feel bad being 'alone' on this one day of the year? 

If you're single on Valentines Day take it upon yourself to do something extra nice for yourself & remind those around you just how much you love them. 


I bought myself some perfume that I have always wanted but always thought 'It's too expensive.' 

I'm going to boxing tonight & smashing out my favourite workout with my friends then dinner & a drink with the girls! 

Who said you need to be alone or lonely on Valentines Day?!