I don't know about you but I LOVE food - I mean I really LOVE food... Maybe a little too much. 

For 12 weeks last year I had to be strict with what I ate while I lost weight, to Box in a Charity Fight Night raising money for Child Cancer ( We made $45K BTW).

The whole time I kept thinking what I was missing out on & craved sweet food like crazy! 

I then got sad when people would eat it in front of me & I had to watch. 

BUT I got there in the end, made weight, was able to compete in the ring & won. 

I realised that the process I was going through to lose weight was isolating which made me feel I was lacking & missing out - Even though I was so clear headed, lighter on my feet & felt the best I had in years, I still felt off.

The week of the fight I went to Manukura School in Palmerston North.

While there I learnt all about how the school runs & what makes it different from any other school I have seen.

First of all these students are very active & sporty.

It's a requirement of the school. 

Another requirement is they all eat together - All day long!

Lucky I was there during lunch time so I got to see it all in action.

The whole school including the teachers, all hanging out at lunch time, eating whole healthy food & being happy.


That was the penny drop I needed as I realised then & there - We eat less when we are together. We're happier, there for we do not need to 'fill' a void of being lonely or isolated like we would if we were to eat alone.

This was the EXACT feeling I had been dealing with for the last 2 months.... 

At that moment I made a declaration to make more of an effort to eat with friends & family where possible - Not to eat less but to enjoy the process of nourishing my body more by being in good company & sharing, instead of feeling I was alone for trying to be healthy... ( How crazy is that?!). 

Don't get me wrong eating alone is very empowering and there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat alone now & then this is just an observation I made in my own situation at the time. 

What's been a penny drop moment on food for you ?! 

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I hope you're enjoying your January & ready for a kick ass 2018 because I am!