I've just got home from the first 'OWN YOUR LIFE meet up series' event, in collaboration with The Feilding Library. 

Our session was on 'goals and how to finish 2018 on a high'.  

By now, I know and trust that the world works in mysterious ways, so I wasn't surprised when I noticed a pattern occurring in my life...

I keep my schedule pretty full.

If I'm not in meetings creating work for myself, I'm working through said work. However, in the last 24 hours, I've had 5 meetings reschedule or cancel and one of the rescheduled ones, showed up late to our rescheduled meeting.  

What is this madness?! 

Things come up, I get it, but what does it mean when the reason for cancelling, being late or rescheduling comes down to lack of time management, priorities or fu*ks? 

I've just got back from one month in 35 degree temperatures, travelling around Europe - If anything, I should be struggling with commitments and getting back to reality. Instead, I'm trying to be on top of my game and those around are acting like they're switched off and need a holiday. 

Maybe they do?

It's August, if you don't have anything exciting planned for the next few months, remind yourself summer, Christmas and New Years are almost here.. that's got to give you something to look forward to right? 

One things for sure, when I arrange to meet someone I do my absolute best to be there at the time agreed and ready to get sh*t done. 

Are you in the same boat of people cancelling or being late at the moment? 

I find the above quotes to be SO accurate!