Last week I wrote a blog called YOU HAVE TIME - About time & the fact that the year is almost over. This got me thinking about time and all the ways I have improved my relationship with time.

It really is a relationship you know! It either works for you or it works against you... So many people think 'There is never enough time' or 'Time is of the essence'. I used to feel this way too! However this year I made a conscious decision to sort out the way I feel about time because what 23 year old wants to feel like they're always rushing to reach an invisible finish line feeling like we need to be further along in our journeys than we actually are. 

I can tell you this is not a healthy way of thinking and will lead you to burnout and more stress in the long run. I realised this and have put in some serious work to rewire my thinking around time. 

I now feel I am in charge of my time instead of time being in charge of me. There IS enough hours in the day & I CAN get everything done that I need to, exactly WHEN I need to. The feeling of learning this lesson has helped me so much not to mention relieving the constant feeling of stress from my life.


I am thinking of putting together the steps I took to improve my time management in order to help YOU with your relationship to time but as time is very important and I am conscious of not wasting mine or your time I want to make sure you'd actually like me to create this... 

If you know you need to sort out your Time Management and lower your stress levels or maybe you'd just like to see the tips & advise I have to offer so you can take away what you want then fill in your info below & I can get a gauge on putting something together for you. 

Thank you so much! I would really LOVE to help you in improving your relationship to time ( this includes stress) so you can be more calm & relaxed while achieving MORE than you could before.