I've recently taken up a gratitude journal ( thanks to my soul sister for the lovely Christmas present).

I wrote in my journal twice today. 
First thing in the morning before I left for work. I had an awesome morning of reading, working out, oil pulling, listening to my favourite podcast and jamming to tunes. 

In my journal I wrote: 'I am grateful for music for waking me up and improving my mood'.

At the end of the day I came home, sat in my chair at my desk and wrote in my journal. Without even realising it here's what I wrote: 'And I am ALWAYS grateful for music for improving my mood'. 

What the heck?!

Two times in one day and for completely different reasons but the one common thing was music made it all better. 


A few months ago I wrote on my whiteboard ' When in doubt, dance it out!'. I love seeing it there because it reminds me that music can fix anything! Almost more than chocolate can :p 

It is such a powerful form of creative expression.

No I can not sing & no I can not dance but I feel so free & happy when I am doing either of those things. 

The benefits of having a go to playlist filled with your favourite tunes are priceless! 

This is one thing I find myself recommending to my clients ALL THE TIME. 


Some of my fav's right now are:
Daya - Sit still, look pretty
Hailee Steinfeld - Let me go, most girls & well everything! 
Betty Who - Human Touch

Do you have a playlist, band or album that no matter what happens can always make you feel amazing? I would love to know!

Leave a comment below & I'll have a listen <3