W.O.W | TOP 5 AT 22!

This months Watch Out Wednesday is featuring the passionate & determined Stephanie Buckeridge. She's spent the past 8 weeks preparing for the Innovate finals where she is competing in the Top 5 out of over 60 entries. Innovate is a competition that takes problems & problem solvers, puts them through their paces with mentors & motivators who help them turn their dream business into a reality. 

Below Stephanie bares all in her journey this far along with her plans for the future & some inspiration to help you get there too!


What inspired you to create the Scrub Collab?

Originally The Scrub Collab was going to be two friends hanging out on the weekend selling products we love body scrubs, bath slabs & bath salt - by week two I was on my own and from their I grew.

What’s been the biggest growth for you in starting this business?

When I started in May it was simple a hobby and by chance I would make a few extra dollars, however it’s gone crazy. I thought that maybe I would supply my friends and family with product but turns out I’m already supplying a very small share of my 600,000 people in my target market.

What piece of advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

I really don’t know it only feel like yesterday I was at school hanging out with my friends, playing sport  living a very easy simple life but thinking it was hectic and stressful - I suppose I would tell myself enjoy it while it's so bloody easy cause it really was!

What’s one of your goals for the future? / How do you plan to make it happen?

One of my goals is to be able to be running my own business working for myself full time - over the past 10 weeks I have been preparing my business to hit the market via Website - from there we will gain more and more customers and as I gain customers it will become more and more financially viable for me to be able to move into this full time. 

What do you do in your spare time?

What is spare time? A few weeks ago we went to speedway does that count?


How do you relax?

Hahaha, another thing I don't think I have done since May this year - this has really been showing over the last 8 weeks and I just keep getting run down and sick - but at the moment my business is in a stage I call “All or nothing”

What would you say to others wanting to create their own business?

Just give it a go, I wasn't even trying to start a business it just happened by accident. I tried to create a hobby and then after beginning it really came to my attention that other people feel the same pain as me with other expensive, hard to find, and chemical filled body products!

Where can people find more about you & The Scrub Collab?



There you have it! How awesome is Stephanie doing?! I look forward to following along the journey of The Scrub Collab & am excited for the day when Steph can work solely for herself!

Do you have a side hustle or project you're working on to better your future? I would LOVE to hear all about it!