The year is almost over! Yes I know I am thinking exactly the same thing 'It's gone so fast'. Now you're thinking 'Wow I have not done nearly any of the things I wanted to this year' - It's okay! Take a deep breath, there is still time, You got this!

Here is the things I wanted to achieve this year:

  • Make memories
  • Do some travel 
  • Move body more
  • Be debt free
  • Save $10,000 
  • Start my dream business 
  • Have 12 high paying clients
  • Pass IIN Course with 90%
  • Finish Sam Ovens ( Consulting course )
  • Believe in myself & take action!

And here's what I have actually done:

  • Graduated IIN with 85.5% ( Health Coaching Course )
  • Save over 10K ( And decided how I am going to spend it ) 
  • Ended my relationship
  • Moved house 
  • Did 3 months of mentoring with two of my idols
  • Started a Youth Programme that I LOVE! ( Dream Business TICK!)
  • Started training for a Charity Boxing Match ( First real exercise in over a year after being sick )
  • Booked a holiday
  • Started a new relationship 

And SO much more! 

I may not have achieved all of the things on the first list BUT I know this much..

1) There is still time.

2) Sometimes its just not the right time and that is OKAY! The universe works in mysterious ways to make things happen as they are ment to not when WE want them to.

3) I have grown and changed so much in the last 10 months I don't even know if I want to achieve those things anymore.

4) Either way I've still achieved a lot right?! 

I often find myself feeling like I am rushing - Do you feel this way too ?! There's not enough time, I need to do & be MORE but why?! At the end of the day I am here, I am alive and I am happy and that's all that matters. The goals I set and achieve along the way just add to the satisfaction that makes this amazing thing we call LIFE. 


I challenge you to take a look back at the things you told yourself you would do this year and compare it with all of the other little things you have done this year alongside or instead of the things you wanted to achieve and notice how this makes you feel! ( You may even feel pretty proud of yourself! I know I did). 

Now is your chance to recommit! You have 3 months left of 2017 and my friend we are going to rock it! Even if you knock it right back to basics and go for gold on that one thing you really want to do between now and the end of the year - You can do it!


  • Break your goal down into little goals
  • Plain/Brainstorm everything you need to do to achieve the little goals
  • Book them in! When will you do each step? ( This is a BIGGY & helps big time )

I would love to hear how you go so please keep me in the loop & good luck!