Paula Barratt.

Johnelle helped me to develop understanding that weight loss is not an entity on its own and that health & fitness is what is more important. Instead of dieting and deprivation she helped me to see food as fuel. Therefore weight loss, which had always being of utmost importance to me, became much less important.

Johnelle is such a cool chick. You can’t help but be motivated and inspired by her. Her practical and realistic advice is always put forward in a wise manner.

Since working with Johnelle I have:

- Over 2000 facebook followers

- A successful Instagram account

- Successfully had multiple ‘open days’ for my business

- Better day to day systems in place

- Become more mindful

- Become more grateful

- Improved my personal relationships

& I love myself.


Bex Gibbs.

Johnelle has taught me a better understanding of whats going into my body & how to create a better lifestyle. She taught me the importance & benefits of homemade package free food. Since seeing Johnelle I have improved my water intake by 100% now drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters per day. 

Johnelle is very motivational in a feelgood, honest way. I am feeling very motivated to be healthy and Johnelle is doing an amazing job.